Noisette Place Team has partnered with TR Bikes Group.

Taga Taga 2.0 Taga Bike

We're excited to share with you, that the Noisette Team have joined and partner with TR Bikes Ltd. Group. As a RAP for TR Bikes Ltd.


  What this mean for you my Taga Bike customers is your order will process thru TR Bikes/Taga  account and not thru Noisette Place.  Your credit card statement will say Taga/ TR Bike. This only applies to Taga Bike products, all other items on our site will process thru Noisette Place.


For a Limited Time Only we’re offering a special pricing to our customers.


You can message us on Facebook or send us your phone number to get your order processed today!


TAGA 2.0 BASIC $1,599 reg price -  $1,199 sale price

TAGA 2.0 SINGLE SEATER $1,804 reg price - $1,448 sale price

TAGA 2.0 DUO SEATER $1,954 reg price.  -  $1,647 sale price

The electric bikes are due to arrive the end of March, we are also taking




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