Taga Taga 2.0 Taga Bike undates


We have traveled the world far and wide to find the way to the hearts of families.

Wherever we go with Taga, it's always the same. People's faces light up suddenly when they see it. And no one who has ever tried, can drive it without smiling from ear to ear.

Global success is staggering, but not surprising. Because Taga was born universal. It was created by an international team of experts with expertise in various fields. What our team members had in common was the passion for bicycles, the desire to introduce such a product in their lives and of course the fact of being all parents.

To have the greatest influence on Taga was, perhaps, the Dutch bakfiets (which means '' box bike '' or '' cargo bike ''). The bicycle is an important element in Dutch culture and cargo bicycles or bicycle carriers, three-wheeled vehicles with a front wooden basket, are very popular as means of transportation useful for moving with children. The idea behind Taga is to bring the bike trailer to a higher level and make it suitable for the rest of the world.

Once the idea came to us, our international team conducted research with families and retailers in different countries around the world. Here's how Taga has become a bicycle of the people. People all over the world have recognized the genius of a vehicle that included the characteristics of both the bike and the stroller. Everyone found in Taga an eco-friendly alternative to the car, especially if they could take it on the train or bus. And everyone liked the idea of ​​a safe, fun and relaxing shared experience.

The development of the Taga project was a challenge tailored to our world-class designer team, engineers and industrialists. Their collective competence in designing bicycles and strollers, fashion, fabric design, and medical devices is evident in the details of the final product.

It took four years to complete the journey. And every step of our journey has been full of passion and precision. Every single detail and function were enveloped by our care that gave Taga an intuitive functionality and that sense of peace that parents like so much.

The way Taga has come to be what it is today is the essence of this vehicle.

And it is Taga's unique energy source that helps parents and children find their own way when they venture into the world together. 



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