With TAGA and children, "why" never end!

Once you discover TAGA, you will understand why you cannot live without it. Taga is a multi-purpose vehicle designed for moving families. This is a stroller and a combined bike rack as well as a unique means of transport. In the blink of an eye, from a fun, safe and maneuverable bicycle, Taga turns into a classy stroller with which to easily turn to shops, get on the train or enter the elevator. Adventure opportunities and the reasons to buy it are endless.

It's time spent with quality together with your child ...

... that turns any trip into an adventure with your child . Imagine only how the time spent to go from here and there turns into pure fun.

Children love TAGA (and the same applies to parents) . The places you will travel together will make it a perfect activity for both children and parents. Children, by their nature, are excited by the images that dart around and have too much fun to even think of crying.

Feel close to your child . Unlike a bike trailer or a simple child seat, TAGA positions your child exactly in your arms. Your child is facing forward so that you can enjoy the same landscapes, exchanging smiles.

Drive with security and control

It is incredibly stable. The three wheels of TAGA make it more stable than normal bicycles. You can turn abruptly even when you are going at high speed, and getting on and off with a child becomes a thing of nothing.

You do not need to know how to ride a bike to use TAGA. It's true, you do not have to have some sense of balance or two-wheeled experience. The 3-wheel design keeps the balance in place and allows you to keep both feet on the pedals while you are stationary.

Safety, first of all . We designed TAGA to make it safer than a classic bicycle. In fact, TAGA meets or exceeds the strictest safety standards for bicycles and strollers in the USA, Europe and Australia.

Be free from maintenance concerns . Functions like the internal gear hub and the fully closed chain guard allow you to focus on your children, not thinking of TAGA.


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